"Friend" Your Body

Make your body your friend…your best friend.

Think about it. Your body is with you through thick and thin – and for life.

Yet, how often do you ignore your “best friend” and tune it out. It may even get to the point to where you disconnect your mind from your body, ignoring symptoms of pain or injury.

It’s never too late to renew your friendship with your body.

How might you repay your body for its friendship? Just as you would with your best friend, check in and do nice things for it.

And better yet, this friendship requires very little time, effort, or energy. You can treat your body to what it needs throughout your day, while completing your day’s to-do list.

Does it need to be stretched or worked out a bit? Connect and give it what its craving. even if it’s a piece of chocolate or a short nap.

I call these little, mindful check-ins fitsnips. Sprinkle these niceties throughout the day and watch your body become an even better friend.


Enjoy your body, enjoy your life, every minute, every day.