Hip, Hip Rollovers

With life’s up and down’s, sometimes you just feel like you need a twist. Twisting is also a good way to get your gut moving . .  . all you need is a bit of floor space and time.

Hooray for the twist!

Position: Lying on your back, knees bent, feet and knees glued together; keep feet on the floor (if you have back issues) or raise them parallel with your knees (as though you were resting them on an invisible coffee table).

Simple exercise: Sway your knees to the right, keeping your left shoulder blade down to the floor. Look over your left shoulder and breathe at least 3 deep breaths. Inhale and use your ab muscles to pull your knees up and over to the other side. Breathe.

Benefits: Stretches torso, chest, and low back. Aids digestive process

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .

Bed Breathing

While trying to get up in the morning, wake up on the right side of the bed by focusing on your breathing and grounding your body.

Equipment: pillow

The firmer, the better!

Position: Lying on back with pillow vertically aligned with your spine (head resting on pillow) and arms out to your side. Clear away spouse or cat.

Simple exercise: Breathe in (1) -2 -3 -4, hold (1) -2, breathe out (1) -2 -3 -4. Repeat sequence for one minute.

Benefits: Wake up calm, centered, and energized.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .

Fitness Simply


I stretch to the left and stretch to the right . . .

7:00 am: Max the cat nudges my hand: “Wake up Foodface, get your lazy buns outta bed.” I consciously breathe, focusing on my inhales and exhales. I breathe for one full minute and fall back to sleep.

7:05 am: Max wins! As I roll out of bed, I pull in my abs and slowly roll up to stand, squeezing my buns for good measure.

7:06 am: I wash my face, dry,  and then . . . take my hand towel overhead, pulling it tautly. I stretch to the left and stretch to the right. Continue reading