Feed Me Sleep!

The body responds to sleep deprivation by craving more fuel. And the fuel it craves tends to be high, empty calorie boosts, like Cheetos, chocolate or Chunky Monkey ice-cream.

Plus, lack of sleep puts undue stress on the body. The stress hormone is cortisol, which causes the release of insulin, which promotes fat storage.

That’s why sometimes the best choice you can make, when connecting with your body, is a nap.

Presenting the Exhale

Sometimes it helps to shake things up. When you want to get a little crazy with your breathing, try focusing on the exhale.

Simple Exercise: Breath and pay attention to the pattern of your breath, consciously focusing on its natural flow – in/out, in/out, in/out. Now reverse, switching your focus to the exhale. Breathe out/breathe in, out/in, out/in. Continue focusing on the out breath for a few minutes.

It’s like changing the accent an a word. For example, look at the word present.

pre-SENT: Allow me to pre-SENT you a new way to focus.

PRES-ent: Give yourself a PRE-sent by breathing.


Here Kitty, Kitty

From feeling stiff to feeling purrrfect!

Take inspiration in how how cats take the time to stretch throughout the day, especially after periods of activity. Give it a go and feel your core muscles go from stiff to purrrrfect.

Position: On all fours, weight centered on your hands and knees with your hands, shoulder width and your knees, hip width apart.

Simple exercise: Back is level like a tabletop; breathe in to prepare, drawing abs in and arching back. Exhale to resume to “table”

Benefits: Stretches and strengthens lower back and abs.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .

Get Long

This move can be done while you’re still in bed or watching TV.

And you can add a yawn!

Position: Lying flat on your back with legs stretched long and arms extended overhead.

Simple exercise: Grab your right wrist with left hand, lengthen and lean left, feeling a stretch along the left side of your body. Switch sides.

Benefits: Stretches the sides of the body in a supported position. Helps to get digestive system moving. Increases body awareness.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .

Stay Sharp and Calm

Breath work improves concentration and mental clarity by sending oxygen to the brain. Focusing on the breath also clears away the mental chatter that gets in the way of concentration and mental clarity.

Some forms of extreme anxiety can cause mental upsets, making it impossible to stop obsessing and furthering mental distress.

Focused breathing diverts the mind’s attention to the body and breath. By focusing on breathing patterns, the body can return to its parasympathetic (calm) state, lowering anxiety and restoring clarity.

Top Drawer Closed

Close your “top drawer”

Equipment: mirror

Position: Standing or sitting with your front or side view facing the mirror.

Simple exercise: Pretend head is the top of drawer of a dresser. Practice opening and closing the “top drawer” by jutting your head and neck forward and back. End by closing the “top drawer.”

Benefits:  Improves posture

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .