ABCs to Tight Abs

You can perform this isometric exercise while lying in bed, sitting at your desk, standing at the sink—and even as you surf the web!

Assess your posture. Pretend you have a string at the top of head pulling you up. Feel the space between your vertebrae in your spine.

Place your hands on your lower belly and cough to feel your transverse abdominal muscles

Breathe with a soft ribcage. Rather than expand your ribcage in and out in an exaggerated manner– keep your ribs soft and allow the breath to move through your abdominals (up and down). Continue to breathe as you

Contract the “coughing” muscles (transverse abs) deep in your lower belly.

Try to keep lengthening your spine, pulling in your lower ab muscles, and breathing as you continue to read. Properly and frequently performed, this exercise can train your lower abs to naturally engage throughout all your activities—which will eventually lead to flatter, stronger belly and healthier back.


Swish and Shrug

Feel fresh, no stress!

Equipment: mouthwash

Position: Standing in front of the mirror; ready, set, swish . . .

Simple exercise: Shrug your shoulders (up and down), move your shoulder blades (forward and back), rotate your shoulders (in each direction).

Benefits: Loosens neck and shoulder muscles.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .