about mare

My Story

I started teaching exercise when it was called aerobics, with the goal to "go for the burn," and became one of our nation's premier personal trainers and fitness industry leaders.

I'm a life-long teacher and learner. After a two-decade successful fitness career, I returned to school to work out my mind and earned a master's degree in education.

I continue to learn from my life experiences and ongoing research, which I share through my speaking, writing, and workshops.

Besides being a certified mind-body specialist, I'm also a life coach, motivational speaker, and published author.

My Fit-losphy

As a 40-year fitness professional, I've been through all the fads and extremes and have discovered that what works best is a simple, balanced, mindful approach to fitness -- and life.

I believe "fitness" and "well-being" are synonymous: the state of being comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Beyond moderate exercise, my overall fitness depends on nurturing my inner couch potato and indulging in life's little pleasuresĀ  -- snuggling with my mini-dachshund, soaking in a tub of bubbles, or sipping a glass of chardonnay.

Enjoy your body, enjoy your life, every minute, every day.