Fitness Simply

I stretch to the left and stretch to the right . . .

7:00 am: Max the cat nudges my hand: “Wake up Foodface, get your lazy buns outta bed.” I consciously breathe, focusing on my inhales and exhales. I breathe for one full minute and fall back to sleep.

7:05 am: Max wins! As I roll out of bed, I pull in my abs and slowly roll up to stand, squeezing my buns for good measure.

7:06 am: I wash my face, dry,  and then . . . take my hand towel overhead, pulling it tautly. I stretch to the left and stretch to the right.

7:08 a.m. I remove my retainer and brush my teeth, letting my head fall towards my right shoulder to stretch my neck. I roll to the other side–and spit.

7:10 am: Nature calls. Instead of sitting on the toilet seat, I hover in a squat position:  Good morning, thighs!

7:15 am: I walk down the stairs, focusing on how my foot lands on each step, and into the kitchen. Abs stay tight as I prepare Max’s food and my hamstrings stretch as I place the food dish on the floor.

7:20 am: I press the “on” button to my espresso machine, and while I wait for my coffee to brew: Up on my tiptoes and down to my heels, up on my tiptoes and down to my heels . . . until the very last drop.

I take my cup, sit back, and sip, chuckling to my BBF (best friend body), Happy body, happy cat!

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