March Madness


When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur. When you approve conditioning a little each day, eventually you have a big improvement in conditioning. Not today, not the next day, but eventually a big gain is made. Don’t look for the quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day a time. That’s the only way it happens and when it happens, it lasts.

– John Wooden

By the way, Wooden knew about success, big time. He coached the UCLA men’s basketball team to ten NCAA championship wins in a 12-year period.

Fitness Simply


I stretch to the left and stretch to the right . . .

7:00 am: Max the cat nudges my hand: “Wake up Foodface, get your lazy buns outta bed.” I consciously breathe, focusing on my inhales and exhales. I breathe for one full minute and fall back to sleep.

7:05 am: Max wins! As I roll out of bed, I pull in my abs and slowly roll up to stand, squeezing my buns for good measure.

7:06 am: I wash my face, dry,  and then . . . take my hand towel overhead, pulling it tautly. I stretch to the left and stretch to the right. Continue reading