Roll a Pearl

When you get a kink in your back, the first thing you may want to do curl into a little ball with your knees in your chest. Another option is to move yourself in the opposite direction. This is also a great exercise if you frequently find yourself hunched over a computer . . . like me.

Position: Lying, face down with nose to the floor and arms by your sides, extended with palms up.

Find a pearl and polish this one off!

Simple exercise: Pretend to roll a pearl forward with your nose, lift your chin, then your chest with arms bowed behind you. (This is a Pilates move that is a bit like “cobra” pose from yoga.)

Benefits: Strengthens upper and lower back; stretches front of neck and chest; tones the back of your arms.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .

Here Kitty, Kitty

From feeling stiff to feeling purrrfect!

Take inspiration in how how cats take the time to stretch throughout the day, especially after periods of activity. Give it a go and feel your core muscles go from stiff to purrrrfect.

Position: On all fours, weight centered on your hands and knees with your hands, shoulder width and your knees, hip width apart.

Simple exercise: Back is level like a tabletop; breathe in to prepare, drawing abs in and arching back. Exhale to resume to “table”

Benefits: Stretches and strengthens lower back and abs.

Have fun, get creative, and share your ideas . . .