As a 13-year member of the National Speaker's Association, Mare has traveled nation-wide giving conference keynotes and workshops.


These days she likes to keep it simple, presenting locally and sharing globally.

Here are a few of her popular topics:


Fitness Simply

The #1 excuse to not exercise is "no time." If you can find the time to walk your dog, you have just created the space for a mini workout routine. Discover easy, fun ways to exercise throughout the day -- any time, any where, using anything.


Awaken the Coach Within

You want to be healthier. You know what to eat and how to exercise, but that's not enough. You need to know how to motivate YOU when the going gets tough. Learn techniques that promote health from the inside, out.


Attitude Fitness

Too much stress and negativity can drag you down and cause health issues. A positive attitude improves your health, increases productivity and attracts success. Discover your unique intrinsic motivators that go beyond "fake it to make it."


Life with a Twist

Life comes with its inevitable twists and turns. Whether you're dealing  with changes in your body, relationships, or career, bounce back stronger than ever.  Discover ways to stay energized and embrace change.

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